Bible reading challenge: Titus

Paul identified himself as the author of the letter to Titus, calling himself a "bond-servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ".  The origin of Paul's relationship with Titus is shrouded in mystery, though we can gather that he may have been converted under the ministry of Paul, who called Titus "my true child in a common faith".  Titus accompanied Paul on his third missionary journey, during which the apostle sent him to Corinth at least once.  Paul clearly held Titus in a position of great respect as a friend and fellow worker for the message of Jesus, praising Titus for his affection, his earnestness, and his bringing comfort to others.  

Three summaries of the incarnation dot the pages of Titus, providing a framework within which the Christian can view the work of God in the world and in individual lives.  All three passages involve the appearance of God in Christ, rooting the Christian faith in Jesus!  Only when God the Son took on human flesh in the person of Jesus was the believer's faith in God made sure.  In other words, since God poured out his grace on all humanity, He cleanses His people from their sin and purifies believers for Himself.  This grace of God instructs us to live upright and godly lives in the world around us!


Titus 1  |  READ IT

Titus 2  |  READ IT

Titus 3  |  READ IT

REFLECT on Titus 1-3