On August 29th, 2006, Jeremiah & Cheri Curran met with 10 friends to discuss the idea of starting a church to serve St. Michael / Albertville and the surrounding communities and Westbridge Community Church was born!  Meeting monthly through the end of the year, Westbridge met in the Community Education Building in St. Michael.  

In January of 2007, Westbridge Church had about 75 people meeting together and moved to weekly services in the St. Michael Theatre.  Opening the first "Public Services" in February of 2007, 110 people showed up and Westbridge Church was off and running. 

On Easter of that year, 200 people showed up to service.  The sense was that God wanted to reach people with his love and Westbridge wanted to do everything possible to partner with God in what he was doing!  

In 2008, the church added a second service and saw 250 people showing up on a regular basis.  


In the summer of 2009, with about 250 people attending services, Westbridge Church made the move to Big Woods Elementary School.  People were inviting their friends, and the church was setting up and tearing down every weekend like never before.  Infants met in a hallway, grade school kids spread throughout a couple of gyms, and adults were meeting for services in the cafetorium!  It was an exciting season, and the church continued to make room for friends and neighbors as God continued to move and the church saw people experiencing God's love in a new way!

By the summer of 2009, Westbridge was running out of room for services and was able to make the move to Middle School East right across the soccer fields.  God was preparing the way for the church to continue to have ROOM FOR EVERYONE!


As Westbridge Church moved into Middle School East in St. Michael, it opened up all new possibilities.  The church opened up new classes for different age groups and began to see 400 people attending services.  

The kids were now meeting in a couple of health rooms, a cafeteria, and a gym, while the adult services were being held in a large gymnasium.  The church started seeing even more people come to faith in Jesus and was growing through small groups where people were connecting with each other during the week.

By the summer of 2011, Westbridge again began to feel the need to increase the capacity of how many people they could hold on a weekly basis!  God wanted more and more and more people to experience his love and grace, but there just wasn't room to fit everyone and share that message in a practical way.  It was time for another move to a new location!


In September of 2011, Westbridge Church moved into Middle School West in St. Michael and the church started to see 500 people attending on a weekly basis.  The rumor had spread that Westbridge was a place where it was okay to not be okay and you could come as you are to find hope and healing!  

Adding a Middle School Service and multiple staff, Westbridge once again started looking to the future in 2012.  The church launched a 24 month fundraising campaign called "Room For Everyone" to help raise money to use for a future permanent facility.  The ask was simple, "SOMEDAY, we are going to build SOMETHING... SOMEWHERE!"  Over the course of the next 3 years, the church responded with $800,000 to go towards the future facility!

After looking at over 30 properties over the last 4 years, Westbridge purchased nearly 30 acres of land right in St. Michael in February of 2016!

room for everyone

With 30 acres of land located just off of Frankfort Parkway in St. Michael,  Westbridge Church is actively seeking to sell 15 acres while keeping 15 acres to be the future home of the first permanent facility!  

The cost of a 20,000 square foot facility is $5,000,000 dollars!  In order to put down 30% towards the construction, and finance 70%, Westbridge Church needs to put down $750,000.  With $750,000 already into the project, that means that the church is HALFWAY THERE!

The goal of the church is to raise $750,000 in the next 12 months to be able to move forward with the construction of the building in 2018!  You can check out the plans below and please let us know if you have any questions!  Would you please prayerfully consider what God would have you give ABOVE AND BEYOND YOUR REGULAR GIVING towards the completion of the first phase of our building!  

If you have any questions, please contact us:



The Numbers...

Westbridge purchased the land for $850,000, putting 50% down on the land so the church has $425,000 in equity. 

Westbridge also has $325,000 in the building fund outside of the operating budget.  

That is $750,000 towards a down payment on a facility!

Between site work, city fees, and the construction itself, the project will cost $5,000,000 dollars.  Westbridge needs 30% down. 

30% of $5,000,000 is $1,500,000 - which means that the church is HALFWAY THERE!  

The goal is to raise another $750,000 in the next 12 months & begin construction on the first permanent facility of Westbridge Church in the spring of 2018!  With an 8-9 month build, that would mean construction would be complete around the first part of 2019!


FIRST: Pray that God would continue to provide and guide us through this complex process!

SECOND: Pray that we would continue to see more and more people walk through our doors!

THIRD:  Make a commitment to give something towards our campaign in the next 12 months!