• sunday, june 17th - New Teaching series

    This summer, we are inviting some of our favorite pastors and speakers to share with us talks that will teach us, encourage us, and inspire us to live more like Jesus and to grow in our faith!  Make plans to join us as often as you can for our new series, "Summer Soundtrack!"

    9:30am  |  11:00am


    On June 23rd, all Westbridge Kids are invited to enjoy a movie with us! Join us as we watch Incredibles 2 with a theater to ourselves! This is a free event! 

    Movie Starts at 9:30am! CLICK HERE to let us know you can make it!

  • sunday, june 24th - water baptism

    Water Baptism is an outward expression of the NEW LIFE that God has given! It represents a "burial" of our old identity in a watery grave, and a "resurrection" to a new identity as a part of God's family! If you have started following Jesus and have not yet done this, join us during either service as we celebrate our new identity together!

    CLICK HERE to sign up!

    CLICK HERE for FAQ's about Baptism!

  • June 25th - June 28th - AMped summer camp

    Westbridge Church is hosting a summer camp! Join us June 25th-June 28th from 9 am to noon as we get AMPED up. We will play fun outdoor games, sing, laugh and learn about living fully alive the way God wants us too! This will be held at STMA Middle School West.

    CLICK HERE to RSVP or get more info!