one on one care team training

We are so excited and thankful that you have decided to serve on the One on One Care Team at Westbridge. By serving in this way you are helping to bring hope to those who are hurting through empathy from past experiences and spiritual encouragement. One on one care team members are not counselors or therapists. They are committed to effectively listen to and pray with others. Their role is to reassure others of God's work in their lives, not to solve problems or fix things. 

Below are 7 Training Videos that will equip you to support other well!  Upon completion of these 7 Training Sessions, we will meet to answer questions, go over basic One on One Care expectations as well as provide you with tools and resources to help you serve well!  Thank you for serving! 

  • discover your unfair advantage

    You know deep inside you were put on this planet to make a positive impact in people's lives. Your mission is incredibly important. But maybe you've struggled with the right words to say or lack the strategies that create lasting impact. In the first session of Rescue Academy, Mike Foster uncovers how your not-so-perfect story can reveal your greatest purpose and mission. He teaches you how to deploy your life story in helping others and how to find your "me too" moments. You will discover that your authority to speak into others lives and the wisdom to know what to say comes from an unlikely source.

  • I am a shame-breaker

    “Unworthy.” “Broken.” “Not Enough.” In a world that’s ridiculously good at giving out false identities, how do you remind people who they are? When shame leads you to believe a lie about your life, how do you exchange it for the truth? Session 2 of Rescue Academy challenges us to pick back up the Sharpie and rewrite the name tags that have been placed on our souls. In this session you will learn why most attempts to break shame in people's lives don't work and why "tough love" rarely produces good results. Mike will then equip you with a powerful strategy that breaks the chains of shame and how a rescuer can navigate the complex issues of identity. 


  • stupid things to stop saying

    Session 3 of Rescue Academy is for everyone who has struggled to find the balance between truth and grace. It’s for anyone who has wanted to love people without enabling their destructive behavior. It’s for all of us who are going to have a hard conversation with anyone, ever. Mike shares how to use our words to help instead of hurt and equips you with power phrases to use in any situation.

  • the myth of heroic sacrifice

    You’re about to make a long trek across the desert. What’s the one thing you’ll need the most? Water. You would die without it. In the same way, helping people can be depleting and too many rescuers burn out because they fail to practice their own soul care. People's problems are overwhelming and a long, hard conversation can leave you dry and empty. In Session 4 of Rescue Academy, Mike talks about how to prevent burn out and teach you the tools you need to flourish in your own life while helping others to do the same.

  • turn blah meetings into miracle moments

    Opening up to someone else is scary. It’s risky and requires a lot of trust. So, how do you create a safe place for people to share? How can you turn your meeting into a miracle moment? In Session 5 of Rescue Academy, Mike Foster gives us a behind the scenes look at a common counseling session at Starbucks and will show you how you can turn our ordinary conversations into extraordinary encounters. 

  • addiction bootcamp

    Session 6 of Rescue Academy is laser focused around the one issue that every rescuer will run into - Addiction. We’re going to uncover the truths behind the term by looking into recovery culture and learning powerful life lessons from addicts. Mike Foster breaks down how to encourage each other to face brokenness and gives us 5 key things every rescuer can do to help addicts find true freedom. 

  • making sense of depression

    1 in 5 American adults experience a mental illness. 1 in 10 Americans are taking an antidepressant and 42,000,000 adults live with an anxiety disorder. How will you respond when you encounter mental illness? Watch Session 7 of Rescue Academy to discover simple ways to help people with the very complex issue of depression. In this session, Mike talks about the 3 domains of depression and how a rescuer addresses all three to effectively help those who are struggling. He dispels common misconceptions about depression and teaches you a simple, yet clinically proven strategy to help those whose sadness and despair seem to be overwhelming their life. 

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