Worship & Creative Arts

The vision for the creative department at Westbridge Church is to have a community and a culture of creatives that have a deep desire to use their gifts and abilities to enhance the mission of Westbridge through creative means. If you’re into developing ideas, implement creative content and creating excellent experiences for our guests, this might be a great fit for you. At Westbridge, there are so many opportunities for creatives to get involved so whether you are a tech artist, audio engineer, broadcast specialist, photographer or musician – to name a few – we’d love to connect and develop this community with you. Check out the list of opportunities below and email our Worship & Creative Director Jake for more info and to get connected.

  • Musician/Singer/Song Writer
    The Westbridge music team connects people to God through music in the form of worship and praise. This is
    accomplished through instruments, singers, and music directors. There is also the potential
    for  song writing and/or arrangements for original music.
  • Music Director
    Music directors work closely with the Worship/Creative Director to help the band during rehearsals and live music by directing the band. Through the use of Ableton Live and a closed microphone system the Music director communicates with the band in live services. the music director helps to make sure the band has the right “sound” and demonstrates excellence and unity in our live services.
  • Weekend Producer
    This key position helps by directing the teams who manage lighting, cameras and presentation files during a live Sunday broadcast. They also help with making sure we have those positions covered on a Sunday morning. The Weekend producer also works closely with the Online producer to make sure we are streaming the right content.
  • Video Camera
    Camera Leaders responsibilities include manning a camera to be used during our music experience, manning
    our front of house camera for the talk and band leader and packing up cameras after second services. They are also key members of our creative video projects that Westbridge records from time to time.
  • Photographer
    Capturing live moments during our services and events is a key form of how we capture the heart and culture of Westbridge. Photography is a great medium in connecting these memories and sharing the Westbridge story.
  • Online Producer
    Running wirecast encoding software to media fusion for connecting our online audience to our live events is a critical part of our tech artistry and communication at Westbridge. This person runs and monitors these tools during our services making sure the right camera shot of content is fed at the right moments. 
  • Prayer Chat Experience
    We recognized that people are engaging with us online more and more every day. We’ve created an opportunity to bring the community online by partnering with people in prayer and communication during our live broadcasts. We have opportunities for non- tech savvy people who want to help us by praying for those individuals who are reaching out to us while at the same time engaging with our online audience.
  • Broadcast Audio Engineer 
    Audio Engineer’s responsibilities include running sound for Online Sunday Experience. They may also help in the recording of music by the Westbridge Bands.
  • Front of House Audio Engineer
    Audio Engineer’s responsibilities include running sound for Sunday Experience. They may also help in the recording of music by the Westbridge Bands.
  • Lighting
    Responsibilities include running lights for the Sunday Experience.
  • Presentation software controller
    Pro Presenter Leader Responsibilities include running slides/videos for music/talk.
  • Web development 
    Web developers help the creative team through best practices and creating attractive and usable webpages for Westbridge church. They work closely with the Worship/Creative Director to make sure we maintain a consistent look and feel as outlined in our branding guide.
  • Social media/Marketing
    Through various social media platforms this team helps Westbridge by developing a social media and marketing strategy. They also help by recommending best practices and developing marketing plans for various Westbridge events/services.
  • Graphic Design
    Through the use of our branding guide, the graphic designers help Westbridge by creating Series and event graphics as well as helping the web/social media and marketing areas of the church.
  • Westbridge Community Church - P.O. Box 148 St. Michael, MN 55376 - info@westbridgechurch.com