Current Series 


For several decades after Jesus’ death and resurrection, Peter told others about all the firsthand experiences he had with Jesus! Later in life, Peter wanted to make sure that all of those stories were documented. So he asked his friend, John Mark, to record NOT what he had heard and NOT what he had read – but what he had SEEN!


The Kingdom Of God Is NEAR

Week 1 | February 11th, 2024

This week we discover that the Kingdom of God has come near, and we can participate in it TODAY!

Three Encounters

Week 2 | February 18th, 2024

This week we look at three stories that remind us that God’s Kingdom was disruptive to the status quo.

The Role Of Rules

Week 3 | February 25th, 2024

This week we are reminded that God loves his people more than his commandments.


Week 4 | March 3rd, 2024

This week, we look at what happens when people put man-made traditions over the clear commands of Jesus.

Perception VS Perspective

Week 5 | March 10th, 2024

This week, we look at how Jesus REDEFINES our definition of greatness!

Brand New

Week 6 | March 17th, 2024

This week, we look at what happens to our faith when things don’t go as planned!

Can God Forgive Me?

Week 7 | March 24th, 2024

This week, we learn that while our past reminds us, it doesn’t have to DEFINE us!